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Wink Poppy Midnight – Spoiler Free Review

Hello folks! I’m back again with a new review!
My main resolution this summer is to begin reading more and write more reviews for you to read if you’re dwelling on what to read next.

First I’d like to switch your attention to the gorgeous cover:
23203106.jpgI’d like to give a huge shout out to the designer and thank them for blessing us with such a beautiful cover! The cover itself is what made me want to read the book at first as well. As much as I hate to admit it, we all judge books by their covers, in all honesty, the Vampire Academy books had me doubt in reading them because the cover wasn’t done in a good way. Of course, later on, I found to LOVE the series.
This book as well.

Aside from its beautiful cover, this book doesn’t stun you only on the outside but also on the inside!

The book follows the beginning of a new summer, and new chapter for the three of our main characters, Wink, the quirky and shy redhead girl with her head in her fairy tale books, Poppy, the rich bully who gets everything her way, and Midnight, the boy who fell for Poppy who didn’t return in feeling in any way. As we read the books, each chapter told in their perspectives, we get a closer look and deeper understanding of their characters as their paths unravel further. At least that’s what we think.

I do not own this picture. This is purely something I found on google. I tried to find the owner but failed to do so.

Midnight moved to a new house and new neighborhood this summer, still dwelling upon his mother taking his close brother Alabama and move with him to France to write her books, whereas he stays with his neutral book collecting father. Midnight has decided he is going to get over Poppy now. He’s started a new chapter without her in it.
He’s gained insight into his one-sided puppy love for Poppy.
He soon meets Wink, the girl next door living with her 5 other siblings whom she calls the Orphans and her mother, Mim, a fortune teller. She talks about fairytales, and how every story needs a Hero and a Villain, and soon she starts calling Midnight a Hero who was bewitched by the villain and has now come to his senses. He soon grows close to her.
But Poppy doesn’t let go of Midnight so easily. He’s hers to claim. It’s not over until she says so.

From here many events occur and relationships bloom along with deep character development for which I personally burn.

The first thing that drew my attention whilst reading is the way the author introduces the characters, but as we keep reading we get more and more confused and stunned. Up until the climax where everything doesn’t even fully resolve afterward and makes the book and story so so much better.
When the book doesn’t have any closure, it leaves many small holes in the ending which makes the reader start to think and debate with him/herself afterward.

The book was full of magic and words and love and revenge and such a great plot twist. Such a great summer read, to spike you up!

I fully recommend it to anyone who’s up for some dark, endeavoring and deep storytelling with characters that slowly creep up and grow on you.

~Extra content~
My favorite quotes from the book:

” If I was going to lead a life of desperation, then it would be loud, not quiet. “

” Revenge. Justice. Love. They are the three stories that all other stories are made up of. It’s the trifecta. “

” Of course it’s true. All the strangest things are true. “

Happy reading, lovelies xxx


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