Totally new and certified amatour and beginner at blogging so I thought of making my first post a short introduction with 34 facts about myself :-))
Let’s not waist more time and jump right into it.

  1. My full name is : Hajrija Felec (sadly no middle name), but everyone calls me Hajra or Hanna since it’s difficult to pronounce otherwise.
  2. I’m scorpio and proud
  3. fears : heights, darkness and giving birth (like idk why but I’ve always been scared of it)
  4. My height is 170cm
  5. I moved to Sweden 2 years ago but I’m originally from Montenegro
  6. 3 things I love are books, hot chocolate and cuddles
  7. My one and only soulmate and best friend Jasey Rae. Remeber that name cause she’s going to make it really high up, besides the drugs that is.
  8. Last song I listened to is Let’s Hurt Tonight by OneRepublic (best band ever holy sh)
  9. 4 Turn Ons : MEDIUM MUSCULAR ARMS WITH VEINS, fluffy hair (or long hair which suits boys in some cases), soft chuckles, boys+books
  10. 4 Turn Offs : Fuckboy, chewing with their mouth open, inerrupting while someone speaks and the famous “oh god Hanna please don’t tell me you brough a book to read?”
  11. The colour of underwear I’m wearing right now is baby pink
  12. I have no piercings/tattoos *sobs*
  13. The reason I joined the blogging community is because I need a place to vent all my bookish opinions and a good freind of mine Ella suggested (SHOUT OUT TO HER!)
  14. I feel really good about myself.
  15. Something that I really really want right now is a trip to Italy
  16. My current relationship status is single waiting for a Carstairs
  17. Meaning behind my URL is well books (duh) and the nickname I always get is Hanna Banana so I tried to have a weird word play
  18. My favourite movie(s) are Pulpfction,
  19. My favourite song, one that will always be close to my heart, is I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You by Elvis Presley
  20. My favourite band(s) are Arctic Monkeys, OneRepublic, Of Monsters and Men and Hozier
  21. 3 things that upset me are :
    Clockwork Princess, like a book has never hurt me the way that one did
    Rude uncessary comments
    Seing old people in restaurants eating alone
  22. 3 things that make me happy:
    puppies and kittens
    nose and forehead kisses + warm tight hugs
    abnormal compliments, like not the every day “nice shirt” or “damn dat make up gurl” but compliments about my personality, intelligence and such
  23. What I find attractive in other people :
    delicate small hands
    soft smiles
    giggles and chuckles
  24. Someone I miss : Rebeka
  25. Someone I love : Jasey Rae
  26. My favourite holiday is Halloween and The Day of the Dead (mexican)
  27. A confession : I’ve pretended not to see many people I know in public just because I’m socially awkward I’m sorry I don’t hate you
  28. I have no pets ;(((
  29. 60% of my resume for a summer job was made up of lies about myself
  30. 3 habits I have :
    I have a sickness known as “the unsteady foot” where i always have to tap one of my feet, most of the time unconsciously
    I used to tap with my pens like a drummer in school so no one in school wanted to sit next to me (still do tbh)
    I always and I mean ALWAYS do everything in pairs and even numbers (2,4,6,8..) it has to be symetrical or I will kill myself on the spot.
  31. My future goal is to get a Master in Medicine and join the Royal Academy of Science in Sweden
  32. I fantasise a lot about being the lead singer in a famous band and have mental interviews with myself in my head all the time
  33. I talented when it comes to music, I play the guitar and piano and sing along with having preformed a couple of times.
  34. I used to be in a band called “The Flying Pancakes of Zucchini”
  35. My celebrity crushes include :
    Benedict Cumberbatch
    James McAvoy
    Tom Hiddleston
    Eddie Redmayne
    Ezra Miller (my babee)
    Johnny Depp
    Leonardo DiCaprio
  36. The number of kids I want is two, twins – girl and boy.
  37. ** Warning may cause sight damage** A picture of myself.
    Alright well that would be it! I know I know, my life isn’t really as exciting as any Kardashians, but I hope yous enjoyed it nonetheless.
    This will probably be the only time I’ll write about myself since I’m not that self centered even though my ego might not fit in a single room.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend, babes!


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